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Beware of Board Games in a Pandemic. Coronavirus Update - Day 52 and Counting...

Have you been playing board games during the quarantine? If not, I don't suggest you start. We have shelves and shelves of board games at our house. I keep buying more. Don't ask me why. I just bought another one online, Pugopolgy. It's similar to Brangelina, except to combine Pug dogs with Monopoly rather than Brad and Angelina. It's already in transit or I would cancel the order. Board games seem so good, in theory. We have five people in our family (four if you don't count Miles, who can't play most of the games because he's too young). Even without Miles, we have enough people to play a game, which is a positive. Other than having the right number of players, we don't seem to have much else in the positive column. To start, no one in the family has even a remote chance of beating Garin. It doesn't matter if it's Candyland, Uno, Monopoly, Quirkle, or Scrabble (and I pride myself on having a fairly extensive vocabulary). Garin's knowledge of all subjects, not to mention his ability to outsmart and outstrategize anyone, make him impossible to beat. I am okay with that. Anytime we play, I know, with 100% certainty, that I will not win. It sort of sucks, but I have made peace with it. Our next problem is that Graham hates board games. Once in awhile, he'll start with us, but then quickly lose interest and quit. It's a shame because I think he could give Garin a run for his money, at least in certain games. So that leaves Catherine, Garin, and me to play. Catherine enjoys board games, but she abhors losing. So right off the bat, we are setting ourselves up for a disaster. If Garin is in the game, which he needs to be to have enough players, she is guaranteed to lose. And yet, we play. We have a bit of fun, for a while and then it deteriorates. I can hold my own with Garin for part of the game. That means that Garin and I are like two racehorses, neck-and-neck, for a while, while Catherine is still at the starting gate, so she gets discouraged and frustrated, understandably. To make matters worse, Garin gloats and brags during the game, which I ignore, but it makes Catherine crazy. Losing is bad enough, but do you need someone rubbing your nose in it, for goodness sake? So fast forward to the end of the game. Garin wins - no surprise there. I feel slightly deflated and discouraged, but honestly, more relieved that the torture (I mean the game) is over. Catherine on the other hand, goes into a meltdown, swearing she will never play another game with Bobo (Garin's nickname), ever again. That then sends Garin into a tizzy, yelling at her for being a sore loser. And you guessed it, that sends me into a tizzy, getting frustrated with Garin for getting angry with Catherine, and frankly with everyone over the "stupid board game!" We played Catan today, which took the better part of the day. I foolishly bought it for Garin for his birthday, recently. It was our first time playing and unfortunately, probably not our last. Despite the mayhem that ensures over board games, we seem to be gluttons for punishment. No doubt, a few weeks will go by and we'll be back, rummaging through the game closet trying to decide which game we should torture ourselves with next.

Miles and Graham making their Solar S'Mores.

Miles partaking in his S'more before even changing out of his PJs.

The two buds having some cuddle time.

Garin setting up Catan with high hopes of a fun time to be had by all.

Miles, in his man-cave, away from the board game mayhem.

Graham making the cornbread for dinner.

It turned out perfectly!

Catherine and Garin helping prepare the chili

All is forgiven and forgotten between Garin and Catherine. I wish I could recover from the board game drama as easily.

Jana's Turkey Chili served with warm Cornbread.

A fresh Garden Salad on the side.

A sweet note from Catherine thanking Mommy for dinner.

Enjoying our after dinner walk.

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Oh, I remember the board game chaos well. It was Eric who from 6 years old demolished the rest of us at any and every game. Monopoly was always completely over in record time. We were either in jail or in bankruptcy with little Eric gloating .... Yet we continued to keep trying... don't ask me why!

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