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A Magical Outing and Pugopoly. Coronavirus Update - Day 59 and Counting...

It was much cooler today. Only 85! That would have been a hot summer day at our old house in West LA but felt downright spring-like here. 

After my morning walk, we all ventured out together, which is a rarity these days. In keeping with our new gardening endeavors, we headed out to a few nurseries. These were sprawling nurseries, at least 3 acres. with hardly anyone there. We all had on our masks so we were set.

Pre-COVID 19, it would have taken something a lot more exciting than a nursery to keep the kids' attention, However, with as cooped up as we have been, a simple trip to the nursery was magical. Although we were only going to look for specific types of plants for our garden, we ended up looking at every plant, enjoying each one like we were at a botanical garden. It was breathtaking to be out in the open air with all these beautiful miracles of nature. 

Our last stop was at a huge pot and fountain store. There thousands of fountains, of every shape, color, and design, and all of them were running. The sound was mesmerizing and euphonious. We looked at hundreds of fountains and watched the way they worked and sounded. I even found a few perfect pots for our garden. 

When we got home, we found the Kohl's box with Pugopolgy inside. For those of you who read my post from last week, "Beware of Board Games in a Pandemic," you will recall my takeaway on board games. Stay clear! This one was already in transit, as I mentioned in my post, so it was too late to change my mind. 

Just six days after last week's fiasco, from which I am still recovering, the kids saw the box and couldn't contain themselves. They had to play this new game. The excitement only lasted a few minutes before the bickering started. The first argument was over who was going to be the banker. That lasted about 20 minutes. I halfheartedly threatened to take the game away permanently, if they couldn't' settle it, so eventually, they did. But that just led to the next argument. Graham ended up walking away, sitting next to me on the couch where he begrudgingly played from afar, with Garin rolling the dice for him, moving his "pug" and buying properties for him. Catherine kept paying for large transactions with small bills. I could hear Garin harping on her, Pay with 100's because it takes you too long to count!  She would not. He walked away and quit.

Who ordered this game anyway? Oh, that's right, it was me. 

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