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How It Got Started

I started this blog because I love being and mom and I love writing.  What better, than combing those two endeavors.  I have always found it easiest and most enjoyable to write about what I know, which at the moment, is being a mom to four kids.  I chose the name Spreadsheetmom because I thought it was catchy and also reflected my highly organized approach to motherhood.  I have an MBA, so spreadsheets have been a go-to tool, for my entire adult life. I used to use them to analyze data but now I use them to keep lists of chores and schedules for my amazing kids. Spreadsheets and lists are my best friends as a busy mom. 


Although I may be more organized than some moms, I feel tired, guilty, and overwhelmed, every day, like every other mom on this planet. However, I also feel loved, proud, and accomplished every day, thanks to my sweet, helpful, and zany four children. They make me laugh, cry, and ponder life and sometimes drive me absolutely crazy!  In this blog, I share stories and also my unique approach to my many jobs as Mom, Family CEO, Family CFO, Scheduler, Administrative Assistant to Four Kids, Chef, Housekeeper, Laundress, Handywoman, Stylist, Therapist, Dog Walker, Tutor, Organizer, Personal Shopper, and Chauffer. I hope you will enjoy your journey on Spreadsheetmom and as much as I have enjoyed creating it. 


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"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much."

Jaqueline Kennedy

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